General Business Conditions (GBC)

1. Guarantee

The company, Autoverwertung Truninger AG, provides a guarantee of 6 months or 7,500 km, as of the date of purchase, whichever is reached first. The guarantee includes the replacement, repair or reconditioning of the replacement part provided by Autoverwertung Truninger AG. In case of a warranty claim, the sales person is to be informed immediately. We disclaim all liability for warranty work carried out without our agreement.

The guarantee benefits are limited to the purchase price paid.

2. Guarantee limitations

No guarantee will be provided:

  • on vehicles that have been involved in an accident;
  • for unprofessional installation of the part (recommendation: have parts installed only by a professional garage);
  • for use in vehicle racing;
  • if the original construction of the replacement part or auto has been modified or reprogrammed;
  • on components for engines (e.g. alternator, starter, water pump, ignition components, etc.), and generally for connecting parts (e.g. clutches) that are customarily provided with the replacement part.
  • This correspondingly applies to all replacement parts.
  • to drive belts / belt pulleys and related resulting damages;
  • to the use of unsuitable lube, cooling or operating materials;
  • if this is expressly noted on the purchase receipt.

3. Right of return

The company, Autoverwertung Truninger AG, grants a right to return on all replacement parts within 8 days of the purchase date. If the merchandise has not been used and is undamaged, we will refund the full purchase price (without mailing costs).

After expiration of the 8-day right of return period, the return of replacement parts is generally only possible in agreement with Autoverwertung Truninger AG. At least 20% of the purchase price, plus all occurring mailing costs will be charged as a handling fee in any case.

4. Limitation of the right of return

Returns for all electronic replacement parts are generally subject to a usage fee of CHF 50, plus any mailing charges incurred.

There is no right to return if this is expressly noted on the purchase receipt.

5. In general

The purchaser acknowledges that the replacement part originates from vehicles that have been involved in accidents or have been dismantled.

By placing the order / paying for the merchandise, the purchaser accepts the General Business Conditions.

The purchaser expressly recognizes the court of jurisdiction of Autoverwertung Truninger AG and waives the court of jurisdiction of his/her domicile.

Rickenbach, July 1, 2007