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Quality and professional help to an attractive price!

Sale of recycling spare parts

We have parts of almost every type and brand at up to 80% less than the price of the new one. All parts have been tested, come with a 6-month warranty and are returnable within 8 days. Test now our online-search.

Express delivery service

In addition we have a delivery service for the whole country of Switzerland. The parts are delivered within 24 hours at a low and competitive price.

Order today - receive tomorrow.

Installation service to an all-inclusive price

In our service station you can profit of an installation service to an all-inclusive price. Your used or new spare parts are mounted by our qualified staff, naturally with warranty.

Ask for a noncommittal offer.

Spare parts warranty

Due to the fact, that our parts are extensively tested, we are able to offer you a warranty of 6 month. For further details, please have a look into our warranty section.


We offer a big selection of used and new tires of all brands to a reasonable price (summer & winter). In addition you can also get the suitable aluminium/steel rims in our company. A new service we provide is a
tire warehousing, that you can save space at home for different things.

Disposal and recycling

It is an important topic to protect the environment, due to this we dismantle cars for over 70 years and bring these resources back into the recycling-circle. With our VeWA and RecyCarCert Plus certificates and as a member of the VASSO, we guarantee an environmentally reasonable recycling of your old car.

You've got an accident or old car?

Please don't hesitate to ask for an offer for you old/accident car. Because we are specialized in dismantling of old cars and the sale of spare parts, we're able to provide you a fair price. Of course we even pick up your car for cost price. More information here.

Accident cars for sale

We have at any time over 200 repairable accident cars for sale. Since our stock of spare parts is huge, we can already provide a good deal of the needed parts.

Import and sale of auto trailers

The Truninger AG is official importer of the Jotha Fahrzeugbau AG. We import all sort of car-transport-products of the Jotha AG, which stands for highest quality made in Germany.

Sale of oldtimer-parts

Thanks to Gustav Truninger, the founder of the company who collected many cars and car parts, we're nowadays able to offer you a big collection of oldtimer engines and gearboxes.

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